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Our Free Counter is one handy tool that abstracts the internal complexities while providing you with a very simple interface. What you see on the screen are some numbers, i.e. visitor count to that page. However, on clicking this counter, it shows up a detailed stat stating the number of visitors today, yesterday, and the overall number of visitors. It also has an exclusive feature that shows you the number of visitors currently online. The detailed stat figures definitely help business owners and webmasters in gauging and devising a better business strategy for the business. Cool, isn’t it!!

Unlike most other online tools, the range of Real time counters is 100% Free for use. Just select your favourite Website Counter, choose the colour, generate the HTML code and paste it onto your website. It involves no registration process or online forms. You needn’t supply your E-Mail Address or Phone number. The Free Counters involve no cost or hidden clause.

The Free Counter is a new age revolutionary tool that dynamically and precisely measures that number of website visitors. The Free Counters are a tiny little box that sits pretty at one corner of your website/blog and keeps a meticulous track of how many visitors you got. The Free Counters come in two distinct variants – the simple text format and the dazzling dynamic variant. Also, while some Free Counters layouts have a distinct heading “Visitor Counter”, the other simple alternatives just displays the numeric figures.

With the Free Counters you actually stand a chance to save big money, which most other business owners often invest in hiring top notch web developers and programmers to design a counter for them. The benefit of the Free Counters is in its incredible simplicity. So you needn’t be an ace programmer or Internet genius to incorporate the Free Counters. Just choose your style, layout, colour, click on the “Grab It” button, copy the HTML code and paste it onto your website/blog. The Free Counters typically needs JavaScript installed on your computer and frankly, every computer and browsers support JavaScript these days.

The right Counter for Your Website

Wouldn’t it make you feel better, if there was a way to measure your website’s growth? If you could quantify on how popular your blog has been? What if your website or blog had some mechanism to count the visits and a solid numeric figure that spoke for itself? Wouldn’t it be immensely easy for you to influence visitors and convince them of your website’s credibility? We understand your problems and those small subtle shortcomings that might be pulling you back from steering your business ahead. That is exactly what we have for you.

Our Free Counters have been designed in such a way that they track each product or business page individually. These features would be handy for business owners who prefer tracking the popularity of each product or service enlisted on their website. A product specific visitor count would help them devise plans associated with a particular product or service. So you need to embed the HTML code onto every page of your website or blog. Simply putting it on the main layout or headers won’t provide you result that the Free Counter is actually capable of.

Counter with Detailed Statistics

The Free Counters typically abstracts the internal complexities associated with tracking the visitor count. What you see on the screen is a numeric counter, but a simple click on the Free Counters provides you with a detailed stats.

  • Currently online visitors
  • Current day’s visitor
  • Yesterday’s visitor count
  • Overall visitor count.

Counter for every Website, Shop, Blog

Integrating the Free Counters onto your website/blog is very simple. Just a few simple steps and you could have the Free Counters on your page.

  • Start by selecting the Free Counter format that suits your need. We would advise you to select the simpler versions in case your webpage has limited space.
  • There are variants of Free Counters which displays information such as Visitor count for the current day, yesterday, all visitors since history and also the number of visitors who are currently online.
  • Once you are done with the layout selection, it’s time to choose a color. Select a color that matches your website interface.
  • Next, go ahead and click on the “Generate Code” or “Grab It” button.
  • A window opens up with a fragment of HTML code.
  • Right-click on the piece of code with your mouse.
  • The code should get selected and a menu pops up. Depending upon your Operating System, language settings, browser controls, you should be getting a menu stating “Copy Code” or “Copy Selection”.
  • Copy the HTML code.
  • You need to paste the HTML code at the page or layout on your website/blog.
  • Right-Click and Paste.

Counter for WordPress and other CMS

The Free Counters seamlessly integrates with almost every leading CMS, Blog-platforms, web hosting providers and user forums. We thought of listing down some of the most commonly used platforms for your easy reference.

  • The Free Counters can be used with free web space hosts such as, jimdo or lima-city.
  • The Free Counters can be used with the most popular CMS (Content Management System) such as Wordpress, Tumblr, Drupal, Jimdo, Joomla.
  • Blog-systems such as Blogspot or Blogger support Free Counters too.
  • The Free Counters work easily integrates with popular forums such as phpBB, WBB, vBulletin.